Hooray for PUNI

PUNI Alba Last Edition 43% abv

Never thought I would actually get my hands on this sample. It´s one of a kind I guess, at least till this autumn. PUNi Distillery presents Alba 43% abv later this season and I certainly expect much from this first Italian Single Malt. The Marsala casks from Sicily must have done quite a nice job up till now. Let´s give it a first tasting and do the other one tomorrow.

Fruits and more


Sight. The darker yellow colour reflects a solid marriage. The nose is quite fruity, but not too much. I would not mind giving it another few years. We all know it´s very young, maybe too young, but then again it is so promising. The alcohol creeps up in my nose but is friendly and inviting. No need for me to water it down. First sip. I swirl it round, close my eyes, keep it in for a few seconds  and let it go down. This is very special. Fruits spread out like a flowerbed in summer and I imagine this triple malt being handled by these wonderful Sicilian wine casks. There it is: Sicilian wine and Vinschgau (South Tyrol) apple orchards and vinyards …a bond.

Vegueros Mañanitas

A perfect match
A perfect match

Let’s call it a day. But ….. there’s something bothering me; I can´t figure out this sense of missing something. Yes, I know what it is. This whisky needs to be paired with a mellow and tasteful cigar. The Vegueros Mañanitas from the tin box I purchased recently and is meant for another whisky & cigar tasting coming up on June 12 is perfect for this occasion. It´s a petit belicoso format, size 102 x 18 mm, ring 46, so not quite a handful, but short enough for my purpose today. The tobacco is from the Vuelta Abajo, the world famous Cuban tobacco region. Just give me half an hour…..Be back soon.

A match made in heaven

Second try. Again, the pairing was a match made in heaven. The soft earthy taste of the Vegueros gave enough room for the distant fruits of the Alba to develop wonderfully. I hope Jonas Ebensperger smokes the occasional cigar. There’re always a lot of extras in pairing up with food and cigars. This Alba does not only come out perfectly with a mellow cigar, but also with a slice of Morbier cheese (yes, the one with the ash inside) I saved in my fridge. It is from the Jura area in France….great stuff. Anyway, feel free to experiment with all kinds of whiskies, cigars and foods. You can never go very wrong when you pair sensibly. Can’t wait for the first bottled single (triple)malt Italian.

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