Leg before Wicket

I thought the most appropriate name for a whisky blog would be Leg before Wicket. For multiple reasons. One of them being that the name raises questions and that’s exactly what I am after when writing about whisky. Folks in The Netherlands are not very familiar with this bat-and-ball game called cricket let alone the LBW dismissal rule. Therefore I am constantly asked about the meaning of Leg before Wicket, which is good.
I believe that questioning everything you see, read, smell and taste will in the end create a better enjoyment and bring you a more profound insight. But another reason why LBW (Leg before Wicket) struck me as being the right name for a blog was that it has this rebellious connotation, an attitude you need to question the whisky industry’s years old traditions.
And wasn’t it good old inspector Frost (TV series ‘A Touch of Frost’), a rebellious character to the bone – who stuck a note on his computer reading LBW, meaning his superior superintendent Mullett could stuff it when Frost was asked to see him in his office ‘on the double’. In this case: ‘let the buggers wait’. Much more on: www.legbeforewicket.nl
Let the buggers wait