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I write about all sorts of beverages of which whisk(e)y is my favorite. Traveling, interviewing and writing are combined in most of the stories on my blog I have to admit that the occasional cigar is a companion that I love to pair with food, (port)wine, cognac and again whisk(e)y. My journeys through Europe have taken me to the most amazing distilling venues from Islay to Poland and Italy to France.

Rachel MacNeill. The woman behind Islay Whisky Academy. Part 1

Islay Whisky Academy Me @BruichladdichIn the middle of a huge undertaking by the Fèis Ìle Committee to take the complete Islay Festival 2020 online I asked Rachel MacNeill for an interview. Awkward timing ? “Oh, no. Go ahead”.  Continue reading Rachel MacNeill. The woman behind Islay Whisky Academy. Part 1

Flavor Noun: Do Tasting Notes Matter?

2020-05-31 15_40_33-Neat Pour

Take a few minutes to read my story and enjoy your drinks responsibly when all bars open tomorrow.  Keep a safe distance at all times…. 

Thanks to editor Ben Mintz for publishing my story on flavor and language on their wonderful Neat Pour website. Also Wilco Faessen (co-founder & vice chairman of the board of managers of WhistlePig Whiskey ) and Brett Moskowitz (Bowery Consulting) for introducing me.



Een wereld vol whisky op het net

Translated (with permission) by Leg before Wicket. Original title ‘A World of Whisky on the Web’ by editor Michael Donnelly for Ileach, the Independent Newspaper for Islay & Jura on 23 May 2020.
2019-05-15 17_17_20-46_13 ILeach 2019.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Na de afgelasting dit jaar van het Whisky Festival Fèis Ìle 2020 zijn er over de hele wereld mensen in verslagenheid achtergebleven vanwege het feit dat ze niet naar Islay kunnen op hun jaarlijkse bedevaartstocht. Echter, er is licht aan het einde van de fles, of zelfs het vat ! Continue reading Een wereld vol whisky op het net

The world of flavours according to dr. Peter Klosse


Can one argue about flavour knowing that it is a subjective element ? If tasting is subjective, what do tasting notes add ? And how important is a common language in order to train our perception of taste ? In a quest for answers Fred Blans tastes some expert insights. Continue reading The world of flavours according to dr. Peter Klosse