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Hoera ! De lentewhisky’s zijn er….

Lentewhisky's 2019
De lente op tafel

De zon schijnt, de winkels zijn open en binnen staan zes lichte whisky’s klaar om de glazen in te gaan. In maart presenteert Whiskyslijterij de Koning ieder jaar de lente. Continue reading Hoera ! De lentewhisky’s zijn er….

Cigars and the whisky year 2018

Top pairings at WDK
Top pairings at WDK

Pairing cigars and whisky seems to be a fixed combination for some people. But where to start ? Which cigar to pick ? How to cut and light your cigar ? And how to enjoy the combo of smoke and  whisky aromas ? Find out for yourself how the different flavours are brought out by six fantastic whiskies of 2018 and five wonderful cigars.  Continue reading Cigars and the whisky year 2018

Listing urge and tasting notes at WDK

Ranking urge
Ranking urge

Six bottles in a row is called a line-up.  A visual ranking that deep down in me entices the inevitable urge to number whiskies from 1 up to 6.  I want to rank them on smell, taste, appearance, exquisity, price, alcohol. A plethora of characteristics that obviously block my ability to come to full enjoyment. What an utter waste of time ! Continue reading Listing urge and tasting notes at WDK

Rond de wereld in 6 whisky’s

wereldwhisky's in line-up
wereldwhisky’s in line-up

Verschenen in De Kiln, winter 2018

Het was een interessante middag in de whiskykamer. De teller stond na 2,5 uur op 45.000 kilometer. Het startschot viel in Uttar Pradesh, Noord India in de Rampur Distillery. De finish van onze lange whiskyreis was in de Nantou Distillery in Taiwan. Continue reading Rond de wereld in 6 whisky’s