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Flavor Noun: Do Tasting Notes Matter?

2020-05-31 15_40_33-Neat Pour

Take a few minutes to read my story and enjoy your drinks responsibly when all bars open tomorrow.  Keep a safe distance at all times….


Thanks to editor Ben Mintz for publishing my story on flavor and language on their wonderful Neat Pour website. Also Wilco Faessen (co-founder & vice chairman of the board of managers of WhistlePig Whiskey ) and Brett Moskowitz (Bowery Consulting) for introducing me.



The world of flavours according to dr. Peter Klosse


Can one argue about flavour knowing that it is a subjective element ? If tasting is subjective, what do tasting notes add ? And how important is a common language in order to train our perception of taste ? In a quest for answers Fred Blans tastes some expert insights. Continue reading The world of flavours according to dr. Peter Klosse

De smaakwereld volgens dr. Peter Klosse

Peter Klosse
Peter Klosse

Verschenen in Whisky Passion nummer 2, 2020

Valt er over smaak te twisten als we weten dat dit een objectief gegeven is? Wat voegen proefnotities nog toe als proeven subjectief is? Hoe belangrijk is een gemeenschappelijke taal bij het trainen van onze smaakperceptie? Bij het zoeken naar antwoorden proeft Fred Blans enkele inzichten. Continue reading De smaakwereld volgens dr. Peter Klosse

Listing urge and tasting notes at WDK

Ranking urge
Ranking urge

Six bottles in a row is called a line-up.  A visual ranking that deep down in me entices the inevitable urge to number whiskies from 1 up to 6.  I want to rank them on smell, taste, appearance, exquisity, price, alcohol. A plethora of characteristics that obviously block my ability to come to full enjoyment. What an utter waste of time ! Continue reading Listing urge and tasting notes at WDK