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The impact of small rye grain Part 1

Images: Zuidam Distillers and Fred Blans

Published by The Whiskey Wash on January 17, 2020


Both Canadian and American history have known rye dominated mash bills for quite some time. One of the experts that is consulted on a regular basis in Europe by Scottish distillers is Patrick van Zuidam (Zuidam Distillers BV) from The Netherlands.    Lees verder The impact of small rye grain Part 1

Dit is mijn terroir

Verschenen in Whisky Passion nummer 4, 2017 

Mark Reynier van Waterford Distillery blijkt niet alleen te staan in zijn zoektocht naar terroir. Vandaag laten drie Masters of Whisky hun licht schijnen op dit soms beladen begrip: Jonas Ebensperger (Managing Director PUNI distilleria SRL), Etienne Bouillon (whiskymaker van de Owl Distillery) en Patrick van Zuidam (Master Distiller en Managing Director van Zuidam Distillers BV).

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